Rockwall Firefighters Endorse Representative Justin Holland For Re-election

Your Rockwall Firefighters are proud to endorse Representative Justin Holland for re-election for House District 33.

As a sixth-generation Rockwall County resident, who graduated from our very own Rockwall High School, there is no doubt he is well versed in everything Rockwall. He remembers his roots and the importance of the safety of our great city.

Rep. Holland is a champion of public safety and his proven track record at the state capitol is evidence enough. He is constantly fighting to make sure your Rockwall Firefighters, and all first responders, are protected. Rep. Holland will always back your first responders and their families so they can continue to do what they do best; keep you safe.

We are proud to endorse Representative Justin Holland for his re-election for Texas House District 33 and look forward to his continued leadership.


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